Vacation vibes despite the rain

Turniere & Rätsel
Vacation vibes despite the rain

One could think that the weather has decided to declare summer over. For all those who can't escape the bad weather, we have something special! Right on time for August 1st, our bear Bärnd has arrived on vacation and is ready to collect coveted beach treasures during his beach walks.

Solve 13 Puzzles

For 13 days, there will be a puzzle to solve every day. Those who have participated in the Advent or Easter events already know that the puzzles require no prior knowledge. Bärnd just needs to be guided along the beach. He collects all the beach treasures he encounters. The small legend at the top of the screen will explain how many points you get for each item.

Getting Warmer

Every few days, a little complication will be added to keep things interesting. As with all puzzles, the goal is to reach a certain level every day to win the corresponding prize in the end.

Use Community Tips

Every day, one puzzle attempt is free. Each additional attempt costs only 15 Jewelos. And of course, the task remains the same for every subsequent attempt and is the same for everyone in the community. Perhaps there will also be a small hint in the chat for each day. The community has often proven to be strongest when working together.

So, here's to a daily little vacation! Your team at elo