Wordle Duo, the new challenge

Wordle Duo, the new challenge

Ready for a new word puzzle? Then read a few more lines and you will know how Wordle works and why it is so popular.

Guess the secret word by starting with a first word. Unlikely you’ve guessed it yet, but maybe a few letters match. These are colored yellow if they occur anywhere or green if they occur in the same place in the secret word.

With these clues, the word can usually be found in 3-5 more attempts.

This is how Wordle became popular

The game is based on an old idea that was implemented in a similar way - only with colored pins - in Mastermind or here on elo in Order of Colors. The popularity is more of a coincidence. A user of the (English) website, which offers a daily Wordle has posted his progress on Twitter using just the result color codes. More and more people imitated him and at some point journalists picked up on the hype.

Not daily but DUO

We picked up the game, integrated a dictionary, perfected the letter handling and above all made a variant for two players out of it.

It gets even better!

But that’s not all, we will also offer Wordle Duo as a tournament, support different word lengths for special events and soon we will provide a very special “daily” mode.

Ready for your first Wordle? Michel, for the team at elo

Thanks to Sky and Pierre for implementing it so quickly and with attention to the details!

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