Woggle: the fastest word game on elo

Woggle: the fastest word game on elo

Word games have a very special charm. Sometimes it is important to twist your brain to find exactly the right word as in Word Duel or WordBlock, sometimes it is about finding as many words as possible against the clock as in WORDZ.

The new game Woggle belongs to the second category, but is even faster thanks to a special twist!

Connect the letters to form words

Connect adjacent dice to form words with at least three letters. More letters - more points, but each dice can only appear once. So far, so simple, but every time you have formed a valid word, one of your used letters is changed and completely new possibilities appear.

Pure adrenaline in live mode

In live mode, all players look at the same dice. If one of your opponents forms a word, one letter will be changed for all players, including yourself - even if you were just about to use this dice to form your own word.

Imagine how the game pace speeds up with 5 opponents!

Like magic: Usefull letters everywhere

It is not difficult to see that the old classic game Boggle inspired us. But we have tackled the root causes of the problem: a lot of smart ideas improves the selection and arrangement of the letters so that you can always find plenty of words.

Favorite game today, tournament game tomorrow

... and maybe soon game of the week. 50 elo players put woggle through an extensive test, version by version - thank you all very much! All bugs were removed and we are pleased to release Woggle into the hands of all elo players now!

Since tournaments on elo are getting closer - our recommendation: practice, practice, practice!

EJNOY TEH GAEM Your elo team

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