Winter time is Bingo time

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Winter time is Bingo time

Try our revamped Winter Bingo! A new look, new images, a touch harder but with everything that made our bingos with pictures so popular.

The launch of our new bingo will be celebrated with a tournament. Not just any tournament, but a small marathon. We start at 11 a.m. (MEZ) on Sunday and play until 7 p.m. (MEZ)

Win the opening tournament

Everyone shall remember the opening tournament for a while, which is why there are extraordinary prizes:

  • especially designed trophies, which also express something special - but more on that in a moment
  • among all those who get into the top 10%, we are giving away 5 x 2 elo+ monthly vouchers (one for yourself and one to give away)

Additionally, with this tournament, we are launching a new initiative for 2022!

Do good while playing

In this charity we collect hearts that we exchange for money at the end of the year to gift children in need great board games. We exchange every 60 hearts for one €.

In tournaments marked with “Do good while playing”, you contribute one heart per buy-in into the tournament.

At the end of the tournament, we will post in the tournament chat how many hearts a tournament has earned and how many hearts have already been collected in total. From time to time we report further activities of the campaign in news articles like this one. But for now, with your help, we will ensure that the first hearts are collected.

Have fun with Winter Bingo! Your team at elo

We are removing Christmas Bingo from the games catalogue as soon as we start Winter Bingo.

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