We are excited, are you?

We are excited, are you?

Every day we work on elo to create a unique gaming experience, so elo is fun for weeks and months, not just hours. elo shall be played wherever and whenever you want, always with other people and a great variety.

elo grows and prospers

We made a big step towards this vision. We can tell by the daily rising numbers of users, the fast matching with players and the positive Play Store and App Store reviews.

You maybe noticed that your matches are proceeding faster, more users are active in our lobby, more are participating in the vote of the game of the week and congratulating the winners. But above all that the majority of matches are played to the end and no longer cancelled at some point.

More elo users benefits everyone

More activity on elo means we can convince game inventors and publishers easier to bring their games to elo too. Everybody shall know how much long-term fun elo is. That is why we started our Instragram appearance and brought some fresh color into elo here and there (for example the app icon).

Visit our Instagram

Have a look! We present our games with short videos - but this is only the beginning. If you would like to capture huge victories, exciting matches, incredible luck of dice or your word juggling with nice polaroid pictures, let us know on Instagram.

And of course we would really appreciate a “Great work, go on!” in form of a follow!

See you on Instagram!
Your elo team