Update on puzzles

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Update on puzzles

We’re going into the second or third week of daily puzzles - depending on whether you’re using Android or iOS. Again we made small adjustments to get a balanced level of difficulty.

Reducto was the most popular puzzle

No puzzle had more players than Reducto and also the most Juwelos were spend here. But it was worth it! 47,000 Juwelos spent, compared to over 57,000 payed out. Because we want to balance income and expenses, Reducto is becoming a little bit more difficult: previously 2 points were enough for the golden star, now it can only be 1 point, and next week even 0 points have to be achieved - but while playing this week you will get better and better! A few more good news:

  • We finally found the bug that caused a freeze on the last move
  • The leader board now works as expected
  • From Friday on, negative points will also be shown in the leader board

Wordblock becomes more demanding

As the week progresses, you’ll notice that we’ve added new blocking patterns. These are a bit more challenging, but hopefully a bit more interesting to solve, too.

Qwixx Blitz started too hard

We must have miscalculated how many points you can get in Qwixx Blitz. We have lowered the limits retrospectively to recover the fun of the game and to prevent Qwixx Blitz from becoming a grave for Juwelos. Now you get a silver star with 110 points and a gold star with 130 points. So grab those golden stars now!

Ubongo was a bit too generous!

The easiest way to earn Juwelos was probably Ubongo. So we shortened the time a bit. From previously 99 seconds to now 85 seconds.

Be sure to give it a try: Wordelo

We don’t want to make Wordelo so difficult that it’s easier to cheat than to play. But Wordelo gives out more than twice as many Juwelos as it takes in, so we’ve bumped up the price for a repeat a bit (by 10 and 15 Juwelos respectively) and reduced the puzzle time from 12 to 10 minutes. Nevertheless, Wordelo will probably remain a place to fill up Juwelos!

We are overwhelmed by the participation rate in the daily puzzles and we are already in the process of making a puzzle for our new game Crazy Garden. We can’t wait to lay it in your hands!

Your team at elo.