This was 2022

This was 2022

What a year that lies behind us! Last year on 31.12 we dared to look forward to 2022, so today is a good opportunity to look back and see what we have actually achieved. To avoid a too long news, we leave the view forward to tomorrow's news.

This was our program for 2022

  • Even fewer bugs in elo
  • New games
  • More value for elo+ players
  • New features in elo

Ready to go through each resolution before we make new ones tomorrow?

Even fewer bugs in elo

How much we got better in 2022 is not so easy to say. To start with: there are definitely still too many bugs in elo. Today, twice as many people play elo every day compared to the beginning of the year. In addition, some new features have been added and we have made the bug reporting more comprehensive to track down even more issues.

Increasing the robustness of the connection to the server significantly was unfortunately not finished in 2022, but remains a high priority. In any case, we have succeeded in automatically restoring matches much more often once a problem occurred.

New games

We had planned 8 games for 2022. So let's count them:

  • Double in January
  • Letters in January
  • Little Wings in April
  • Crazy Garden in April
  • Mahjong in July
  • 5 Dice in August
  • Pool Party in October
  • Hexaducto in November
  • Advent calendar in December
  • Domino Garden in December

In fact, there are 10 of them. We also wanted as many of them as possible to be candidates for our top 10 most popular games. For the normal games, this can be checked by the match launches in the month after the release:

  • Letters: 63,000 games #1
  • Double: 10.000 games #18
  • Little Wings: 8.500 games #20
  • Crazy Garden: 21.000 games #11
  • 5 Dice: 55.000 games #4
  • Hexaducto: 35.000 games #7

Domino Garden is still too new but it already looks good for a top 10 position. In the puzzle category, Mahjong is second in popularity behind Reducto. The Advent Calendar has started out of competition.

More value for elo+ players

As we added the features and extended the game library, we made elo+ more and more valuable. The price has not changed in the past year. After we introduced that players without elo+ can play any game, but have to use 5 Jewelos for it - unless set as favorite game - many have opted for elo+.

However, playing tomorrow’s puzzle today, saving daily Jewelos streaks and being able to play new games a little earlier are also popular new elo+ features.

Overall, the number of elo+ users has more than doubled in the last year. This is a reason to say thank you to everyone who has put their trust in us! Financing elo with advertising alone is simply not possible.

New features in elo

We promised that you can turn rooms into public rooms and we delivered. But rooms have also received many other popular enhancements.

Instead of customizing profiles, we've worked on another big extension: daily puzzles. These are now even available in the second generation with the introduction of leagues.

We have invested a lot in fighting spam, which without countermeasures would continue to increase with the popularity of elo.

Furthermore, we have added emotions in tournaments, an account statement for the Jewelos, message deletion, a redesigned puzzle page, tournament page and game page.

The Community

We didn't make any resolutions about this a year ago, but of course we want all those who discovered elo to stay with us longer. And we wanted that even more people discover it. As mentioned earlier, this has pretty much resulted in a doubling of the active community.

All together you played over 8 million games in 2022. An incredible 10% of those were Una! In total, elo has provided more than 50 million hours of gameplay!

Now it's time to let 2022 be history. Spend a great evening and have a good time. We would love to be on the road with you in 2023 as well!

Your team at elo