The Great Egg Hunt

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The Great Egg Hunt

For many, the best childhood Easter memory is searching for eggs in the garden. Beautiful hiding spots can be found everywhere, between the first greenery, among blooming forsythia bushes, or beneath daffodils!

This year, we invite you to join our little bear, Bärnd, on a journey through spring landscapes to search for Easter eggs.

It starts on Friday

For ten days, there will be a new task every day that you can solve together with Bärnd. As with the daily puzzles, a special puzzle piece awaits you when you get each day a certain star. And, of course, there are plenty of Jewelos waiting. The special puzzle piece you earn at the end of the puzzle will grant you access to exclusive decorations later on.

It’s definitely worth it

If you’ve played our advent puzzle before, you’ll be familiar with the concept. However, we not only improved the controls and eliminated any bugs from the start, but we also made additional attempts even more affordable. The prize allows you to do ten additional attempts daily! That’s an opportunity to boost your Jewelo account for sure.

Get ready, Friday is the day! Your team at elo