Take a 1 day break

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Take a 1 day break

Tonight the puzzle week ends, but the new week doesn't start until Monday. So this Sunday is time to discover other things on elo! Due to the postponement, future weeks will always end on Sunday, so that you still have plenty of time to upgrade stars you aren't happy with.

7 x golden star = golden puzzle piece

At the end of the week you will only get the golden puzzle piece and the prize money of up to 1,000 Juwelos if you collected 7 golden stars. So the worst day of the week rules, and that's the one you should fix. If you missed a day, you have to make up for it, otherwise you get no puzzle piece at all.

Puzzle pieces are just the beginning

There are many reasons to participate in the daily puzzles: for fun, for comparison with the others on elo, for the rewards in Juwelos and for the trophies. For now, collect the puzzle pieces in your profile, but soon you'll be able to do more with the puzzle pieces. And you can be sure that the silver and the gold pieces will contribute more towards the goal!

New: Qwixx Blitz

We have another puzzle for you: Qwixx Blitz. Many already know this kind of dice tetris, but compared to others on elo, the hunt for high scores becomes even more exciting. Each level is played in Zen mode. So you have as much time as you need.

Repeating is more exciting than you think

Most games will challenge you with eactly the the same puzzle on each attempt. Perfect to fine-tune your strategy with each repetition in order to reach your goal in even fewer moves or collect even more points. Especially Plan Ahead or NMBR 9 are real challenges if you already know the order of the parts.

We are happy that the daily puzzles are being so well received. If you haven't joined yet, it's time to join!

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