Solve your daily puzzle!

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Solve your daily puzzle!

Something brand new is starting tomorrow here on elo: daily puzzles. There are already 5 puzzles, but this is just the beginning. A good example for our daily puzzles is our inspiration for this feature: the daily Wordle.

A nice routine

Every day the whole elo community gets the same word to solve. You can play whenever you like and (almost) as long as you want to. But you have to solve it today, because tomorrow a new word is waiting for you.

Solve the the task within the given tries, to master the puzzle for today and gather points for the leaderboard. If you got the requested score by the end of the week (or maybe later the end of the month), you get an award for your trophy gallery on your profile.

No cheating!

Because it’s the best to talk with others about the solved puzzle, we changed the puzzle chat. Only players, who already played the daily puzzle can enter it.

It’s of course a point of honor to keep quiet outside of the puzzle chat! And no peeking at your partner, colleague or any other account!

Open for everybody

The daily puzzles typically require a few Juwelos as a starting fee, but then you can play every day. Of course there are no ads when playing the daily puzzle. Besides trophies there might be coming up some puzzles with other prices, too.

We start with 5 puzzle types

This is the selection for week one:

Ubongo: Solve up to 5 Ubongo puzzles in 90 seconds Wordle Solo: Guess the solution with a maximum of 6 tries NMBR 9: Pile 20 pieces as high as you can Three Jewels: Solve the daily task with as few moves as possible Wordblock: Occupy as many fields as possible with 4 words

We are very excited to see if the daily puzzles will be loved. Please let us know what type of puzzle you would like to play! In “Coffee and chat” you can always contact us.

We hope to see you tomorrow at the daily puzzle - because if you miss a day, you cannot retry it later! Your elo team