Puffins - too cute!

Puffins - too cute!

Everyone who likes dice games will love Puffins. In our newest game you have to help your little birdies to climb up a cliff before your opponents can.

This sounds easy, but there is more to take into account! Do you keep rolling and risk to fall, or do you stop and leave the opportunity to your opponents? Is this the best lane to climb up, or will it be closed by someone else before your can reach the top?

Adorable graphics

The theme of a game should not only look pretty, but also help to understand the rules. This works perfectly for Puffins.

Everybody knows falling off a cliff is dangerous without a secure intermediate spot. And of course every puffin wants to reach their egg.

We love your graphics, Sky!


The development of Puffins was done by Pierre. His last game “Reducto” is loved by many players on elo. He wants to keep this up with Puffins as successor.

Puffins is perfect for playing in turns and simultaneously.

Pierre also started to work full time for elo - welcome! - so we can expect more games by him more often. The next one is already in progress, an update will follow soon.

Next steps

One of the next game updates will contain sounds. Franziska is already recording them. We are not sure if that’s possible without a business trip to the Atlantic…

A great debut was made by Puffins already. It is leading the game of the week voting with overwhelming majority. So start practicing now, a tournament will surely follow soon!

Save the puffins! Your elo team

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