Play elo without elo

New Feature
Play elo without elo

How does that work? Very simple: You choose a game and instead of choosing an opponent or offering the match on elo, you choose “Invite a friend”.

You will then get a waiting room card in the deck with your current matches. Copy the link on this card and send it to any friend - via your favorite chat app or via email, for example.

Open the match link in the browser

Once your opponent enters the link as URL in the browser (or clicks on the link in the email), your match opens directly in the browser.

The waiting room shows that your opponent is ready and you are good to start the mach. If you aren’t online once this is the case, we will notify you.

Including revenge and resuming a match

Just click „revenge“ at the end of the match and you can play as many rematches as you want. If your opponent leaves the match temporarily, he can resume it by clicking the link to the match again.

Really large playing field

To be completely honest: the large screen area is really great for some games. So it's worth trying it out. Actually, however, we developed the web feature to make it even easier for you to play against all your loved ones in elo.

Game of six + no advertising

We are curious about your experiences with elo on the web. In a game of six, only one player really needs to have elo. Oh yes: you can even play ad-free on the web. And: the more the function is used, the sooner we will add the chat as well!

Go and give it a try! Your elo team