One of the biggest Dice hits

One of the biggest Dice hits

Yahtzee or Kniffel - as it's called in Germany - are among the true all-time classics of dice games. And there is a good reason for that: They combine a mixture of luck and finely tuned strategy. The latter is more often intuition than the result of a calculation as you definetly can't calculate the best course of action in your head.

5 Dice complements DiceTime

With DiceTime, we simply put the aforementioned game concepts into space theme, but essentially adopted the rules. With 5 Dice we have returned to a very classic look after hearing (and also measuring) that many new players do not dare to use DiceTime because they assume they do not know the rules.

The subtle differences

  • Faster gameplay: We have put a lot of detailed work into the dice so that they look real on the one hand, and on the other hand the animation is particularly fast.
  • Robust user interface: The dice cup and the real sorting out of the dice reduce accidental user errors.
  • Feel your opponents: Without losing any time, you not only see what your opponents fill in, but also how they roll the dice. Almost like sitting at a table together.
  • All 5 of a kind count: If you have not striked out your “5 of a kind”, you can use the second 5 of a kind as a joker for any other field and score an additional 50 points.
  • Exciting statistics: From the progress of the line, which frames your current total points, you can see how many points you already have and how many points you can still achieve. In the beginning it is 375 points, but if you only enter 2 instead of 5 ones, for example, the potential drops to 372 points already.

A bit of Elo history

Anyone who has been with elo for a long time will remember: Dicetime was one of the first five games that were available on elo. For a very long time, DiceTime was the most played game on elo. New games could only pass DiceTime for a short time.

Finally Rummy, then Reducto and lately Una managed to push DiceTime from the throne forever. Time for 5 Dice to reclaim that throne.

Thanks to Sky and Pierre

Together, the two have created a new elo jewel. It is always fascinating what can be accommodated on a small screen. As always, attention is paid to the details. Not only was the implementation extremely fast, so is the the gameplay.

I wish you a lot of fun with 5 Dice and hope it takes the elo community by storm.

Michel for the team at elo

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