New Look for Rummy Club

New Look for Rummy Club

Ironically, the most popular game on elo suddenly has a new look. When we got down to it, it was clear to us that the range of reactions would range from celebration to rejection. So why did we do this?

Clearer for new players

We observered many newbies how they are playing Rummy Club. Many new users choose exactly this game as their first game on elo. Somehow it sounds familiar to them, but often they don't recall the exact gameplay.

And that's when the irritations start. That's why we wanted to make a lot of things much clearer:

  • The users no longer have to pick a color to avoid the impression that every user has a stone color.
  • Your own stones lie on a kind of bench in order to be more reminiscent of the real game and to be able to better distinguish the stones laid out from those still on the bench.
  • The numbers on the stones are larger and clearer in order to remain legible even when shrinked significantly.
  • The additional functions on the bench are provided with more expressive symbols and explanative text.
  • Small playing card symbols on the stones are a reminder of the origins of the game.

So have fun with the next games of Rummy Club in the new look. And of course we want to know how you like it. So take part in our mood barometer in the “All about elo” room and take the opportunity to use the new function of being able to add a reaction to a chat message.

Have fun with elo and the new Rummy Club
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