More multiplayer fun

New Feature
More multiplayer fun

Today is a day to celebrate for all those who like to play games with multiple players. Because now it's even easier to start a match with three, four, five or six players.

It's that easy

Tap on the game you want to start. As usual, a window appears with the different options of who you want to play with: with others who are currently offering a match, against the trainer, as a puzzle for yourself, with the community or with friends.

So just choose the option friends and then multiplayer.

The extended waiting room

A waiting room with up to 6 seats for the selected game is created. You take the first seat right away and now you have two possibilities to occupy the other seats.

  1. You tap on one of the free seats and copy the link to this match from the appearing window and distribute it within elo, via Whatsapp or wherever you reach your friends. Everyone who taps the link will appear in your waiting room. If necessary, the invited players will even be directed via the AppStore or the Playstore to donwload elo first.
  2. You tap on a free seat and directly choose a player to invite - from your elo-friends, your last match partners or from the community. The invited persons will then have the card with the waiting room added directly into their deck. If they don't want to play, they can simply leave the waiting room again.

Remove Players

In the waiting room you can already chat with the participants and clarify if you want to play a special game mode, or agree on how fast to you would like to play. If it turns out that one of the players is not ready to play and you want to start with the others, then use the small x on the avatar and start the match with the remaining players.

Tip: the removal now also works on the matches that you start in your rooms.

Even more elo+ benefits

The start of multiplayer matches is an exclusive elo+ feature. By the way, invited players don't have to pay any Jewelos for the first match, only if they want to participate in a rematch, the usual 5 Jewelos will be charged (unless it’s a favorite game or crerently game of the week). So you may invite freely.

Have fun in even more multiplayer matches! Your team at elo