Limits on elo

New Feature
Limits on elo

With the last version we introduced three limits. Most of you will never notice them, but some sure will. We decided to do this, because it’s the only way to guarantee error-free playing.

75 matches at once

As soon as you have 75 running matches, you can no longer start a match or join match offers by others. If you have more than 75 matches currently, we still allow the revenges, because long streaks shall not break!

Some players want to have more matches, because there are matches that have a slow progress. Maybe some opponents only play on weekends, or some just tried elo and did not continue to play.

But there is a solution! Already in October we will launch tournaments. Those will provide a new, intense playing experience and those matches will not count into the limit of 75.

50 friends and 50 room members

We always had the limitation of 50 friends and room members, but there were a few loopholes. Those are now closed.

Inactive friendships or room members have to be removed from time to time. Just swipe the room member entry in the list to the left. Choose “End friendship” in the profile settings of a player, the former friend will not be notified of it.

The same limits for elo+

We made those limits out of technical reasons not to harass anyone. Our current software and technical infrastructure work best within those boundaries. Without them, reading timeouts and oversized data packages might create strange errors. With more time and a bigger team we will tackle those problems again and improve elo.

Thank you for your understanding!
Your elo team