Easter Bingo - Day 2

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Easter Bingo - Day 2

Congratulations! We are happy with the winners of yesterday's first day! We're curious to see whether anyone will be able to take home another one of the special trophies over the four days.

1st place went to billa20

Billa20 has only been with elo for 3 weeks and this win brings her first gold trophy! @Billa20, we're excited to see if you'll also take part in the daily puzzles starting this the weekend. Especially Plan Ahead will be a lot of fun in the puzzle mode!

Second place went to Princess.Tenerife

On elo for 3 months now, she missed out on first place by just one Bingo. @Princess.Tenerife, we hope that in of the next days you will have that little bit more luck.

Third place went to Dagmar

Dagmar is almost part of the elo inventory. Hardly anyone can keep up with impressive 61,000 matches played. She has won quite a few of the finest tournament trophies on elo. @Dagmar, we are so happy to have you here on elo.

Details for today:

  • Starts at 1:30 pm CET
  • Duration 2:30 hours
  • 500 points warm-up phase
  • 35 Juwelos buy in
  • 2,600 Juwelos reward Have fun today too! Your team at elo