Daily Puzzles will be back

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Daily Puzzles will be back

Because so many have grown fond of playing the daily puzzles as a routine, we're making them even better. Here's what's changing and why the daily puzzles will be paused for a week.

Daily puzzles become free.

You no longer need to pay Jewelos to participate in the daily puzzle. There may be exceptions, but that will be the rule. We want you to be able to try a puzzle and not have to calculate.

Missed a day - just make up for it

You wanted to do the puzzle in the evening and then something came up? Did you prefer to use the Sunday for an excursion or did you notice the puzzle after it started? Now you can just catch up on previous days for a few Jewelos.

Time was too short - try again

Sometimes you've just started a puzzle when a phone call comes up or the doorbell rings. If you run out of time, just allow yourself a second try.

There is something to win

So far, at best, the stakes have been returned, but now there is really something to win, for everyone. All you have to do is hit the silver or gold threshold for every day in a week. This not only brings you the puzzle piece in the appropriate quality for your profile, but also plenty of Jewelos.

Improve your score - go for it!

All days at silver level, just maybe not Monday? Then repeat the attempt from Monday and improve your result. Depending on the game, you get the same task again (in Bubble Factory, for example) and have a particularly good chance of improving, or you get a replacement task. This can sometimes be harder, but with a little luck it can also be easier.

Sorry for the pause!

Over the coming week we will complete the modifications to the daily puzzles and distribute the new version of elo. Then everyone has time to install it and on the following Sunday - just in time for the start of the Easter holidays - we kick the new puzzles off.

Thank you for your patience. You will see: it's worth it! Your team at elo