All about public rooms

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All about public rooms

A month ago we upgraded the rooms and now the second big improvement is here! You can set your rooms public. We also added many new features, which you will use intuitively. If you want to know everything in detail, this news is for you!

Set rooms public

Every new room you create is private, which makes it perfect for your friends or family. Members can only join with a direct invitation or by following the share link of the room.

As room owner you can set your room to public in the settings. That means all elo players can find it and join. A list of public rooms can be found on the room tab by tapping the little globe at the top. To find many new members fast, use an inviting image and a fitting description. To get an impression of the activity within a public room, users can see the latest messages before joining.

Display your room rules easily

You can use the room description to establish some rules for your room. This will be shown prominently above the chat, so everybody will see it. Once read, users can hide it but as soon as you change the description, it will be shown again.

Change the picture and the name

We made the changing of name and picture easier and more intuitive. As a new feature we added a room language. Your language ist used automatically if you saved only one in your profile. Otherwise you can choose one of your languages to set as room language. Your room will only be shown to users speaking this language.

More protection

As room owner you can deactivate the share link, so no one can invite any players. Additionally we will not show your public rooms to players you blocked.

We limited the amount of public rooms to join. So members will use their rooms actively and will not just join and forget about the room. After all each room has only 50 spaces.

We could read messages of public rooms, but there are too many to keep track. So if you happen to find a room that is violating the elo policy, please report it. The policy can be summarized in two words: decency and respect.

New role: Admins

In your rooms you can promote members to moderators. Moderators can manage the room members (invite and throw out) but they cannot promote or downgrade users. If the owner of a room leaves elo, the longest serving moderator will become the new room owner.

Automatic clean-up

You can see the latest room activity of your members in the member list. To be active means to play games in the room, or to chat in the room. This will help you to sort out people, that do not use your room.

To make it even easier for you, we check every day if people, that are no longer online, are occupying room places and remove them automatically - for public rooms only. The time before removing varies for players depending on their elo status. A newbie who played less than 5 matches will be removed after 2 days. With more than 5 matches the time increases to 5 days and after 25 matches to 30 days. Users that have activated holiday mode will not be removed.

We hope the new rooms will be fun and help you find new players and friends! Your elo team