10 Reasons for elo+

10 Reasons for elo+

1: Enjoy elo ad-free

Advertising is great because it allows you to pay for services with your time and attention. But we have almost forgotten how nice it is, not to waste this time. Just try it out for 3 or 7 days completely free of charge. More on this at the end of the news.

2: Set more favorite games

Instead of three favorite games, you can set five games as your favorites and swap them at any time without any restrictions. But in the end this is more a shortcut for you and a way to express to other players what games you like most, because with elo+ you can play all games at any time.

3: Play tournaments without tickets

Tournaments that cost tickets can simply be played for free.

4: Get more daily Juwelos

Instead of picking up 25 Juwelos every day for participation in tournaments or 50 Juwelos after a video ad, with elo+ you may even pick up 60 Juwelos daily without watching a video ad.

5: Access leaderboards in all games

Access to leaderboards is not limited to your favorite games. You can see the leaderboard in every game, and in case you finished your last match less than 30 days ago, you will also be ranked in the leaderboard.

6: Earn Juwelos with new players

If you accept game offers from new elo players and give them a good reception at elo, we will reward you with a few Juwelos. More precisely: 10 for each individual match!

7: Set titles from many games

Many games come with different extra challenges. If you master them, you will receive rewarding titles. As an elo+ user you can also expose and show your special ability and make elo a little more colorful.

8: Use voice chat

Sometimes it's just nice to have a chat during a game. You can start voice chat with a single tap. Everyone else in the match may take part even without elo+.

9: Support the development of elo

With an elo subscription, you show that you like elo and want to support us in further developing elo and the elo game library. A big Thanks to everyone who already contributes!

10: Just try, quit anytime!

Hardly anyone likes subscriptions. We all are afraid of an ongoing commitment that cannot be terminated. That is why we at elo give you three promises:

  • You can switch off the subscription at any time with a single switch, directly in the PlayStore or in the AppStore. For the rest of the paid period you can still take advantage of all elo+ benefits.
  • Your subscription has a fixed price that stays the same until you end the subscription. This also applies to the particularly low annual price.
  • You can reach us personally at any time, for example via the “coffee and chat” room. We'll take care of your problem!

Would you like to test elo+? The costs for the first 3 or 7 days are on us. Simply deactivate the subscription during the testperiod and the test won't cost you a cent.

It's great to have you on elo!
Your team at elo