Game Objective

Your task in Avalam is to have as many towers as possible when the game ends. A tower is yours, when the top tile is your color. Single tiles do also count as towers.


You play in turns.
Each player makes one move with any tower. You can also move your opponent's towers. A tower can be moved onto adjacent fields - when they are not empty and the new tower is not higher than 5 tiles. You always move the whole tower, never a part of it.
You have to make a move. As long as towers can be moved, the game continues.


The center tower is selected. Now you have to choose the target field.
The fields marked with a red X cannot be chosen. The are either empty or the new tower will be higher than 5.
Fileds with a green checkmark are possible targets. They will not be higher than 5 and they are not empty. The color of the target towers does not matter.

End of Game

When no towers can be moved anymore, the game ends. Now every tower is worth one point. The top tile is deciding, which player will get a point.
The player with the most points wins! The size of towers does not matter, they are all worth one point.


The player, who lost the game, can make the first move of the next game.

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