There are 8 different snacks in two glasses. Well... almost! One snack sneaked into both glasses. Find out which one! Due to different size, rotation and location it's not that easy to figure out, which snack is a double.

Let's start

There are two modes you can choose.

Start alone is the asynchronous mode. Every player plays their round independently of the others.

Play live is the synchronous mode. All players have to be online and select this option to play synchronously. Each found double directly influences all other players. Thus the game experience gets even more intense!

Game objective

Whoever scored the most points after the time is up, wins the game. You get one point for each found double.


As soon as the snack have fallen into the glasses, you have to find the double. Tap one of the two equal snacks. If you tapped correctly, one of the two glasses will be refilled and you score your first point. Now you have to find the next new double. In case you tap a unique snack, you will not be able to continue your search for a few seconds. The snacks are hidden during this time penalty.

Attention: some snacks look confusingly similar and yet, are different. So look carefully! And as mentioned before: size and rotation are irrelevant.

By the way, you can be sure: the double never hides in the same glass!

In the synchronous mode the glasses refill even if another player finds a double. Look closely, so you can see, which snack was the double.

End of game

All players have the same amount of time to find doubles. When everyone has finished the scores are compared. The player with the most points wins.


A revenge starts with the choice of mode again. When someone chooses "Start alone", they can play without waiting for the other players regardless of who started the last game. To play the simultaneous mode, everybody has to confirm it again.

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