Letters is a word guessing game for two. How many tries do you need to find the right letters? Can you guess the word first?

Game Objective

Both players submit words in turns. For each word the letters that are correct will be marked. Whoever enters the searched word first, wins the game.


You play in turns.
TapClick on a letter on the keyboard at the bottom to select it. You can also use drag and drop. A tapclick on a chosen letter will remove it again. When you entered a word that uses all letters, you can submit it.
If your word is invalid, it will be marked red and you have to try another word.
If your word is valid, it will reveal how close you are.

The colors of letters show, how close you are to the solution.

  • Green: This letter is correct and it is in the correct spot!
  • Yellow: This letter is part of the solution but it is not in the right spot.
  • Dark: This letter is not part of the solution.

Try to get closer and closer with every try!

Once in a match you can hide your guess, so your opponent cannot see it. You will be asked after you submitted your word. Hide words that reveal a lot of information about the solution!

End of Game

All your letters are green? Congratulations, you guessed the word and win the game!


The starting player alternates for every match to keep it fair for everyone.

Play Letters on elo.