Domino Garden manual

Domino Garden

Build a beautiful garden in Domino Garden! Just like domino you place matching tiles. Try to plant large areas of the same type but also pay attention to collect as many golden balls as possible!

Game objective

Whoever gets the highest score wins. To do this, you have to collect golden balls on large fields, because an area is worth its size multiplied with the amount of golden balls on it.


Playing order

The first round starts in the order of joining. The order of following rounds is determined by your actions.

Choose a tile from the ones shown above your playing field. The tiles are sorted by worth. The potentially best tile is the furthest on the right. The most likely worst tile is the first one. Of course their worth is a bit different for every player, depending on their already built garden. If you choose the first tile, you will be the first to choose in the next round. If you choose the last tile, you will be the last to choose in the next round and therefore you will be left without choice. So your decission is important, which matters more right now - the better tile or more to choose from in the next round?

Place tiles

Drag the tile of your choice onto your garden. You can put it back anytime and select a different one. Rotate it on your field by tappingclicking.The tile will be marked green when you placed it on a valid, empty slot. It is marked red, when its place is invalid. This can be due to two reasons:
The slot has to be empty - you cannot cover any already plant tiles.
You can only place a tile at the umbrella in the middle, or on a mathing tile - at least one of its six sides must match with an existing tile.

When you are happy with your tile placement, you can confirm it with the button in the lower left corner. Careful - a red button means your tile will be destroyed because it is placed invalid. A white button means that it will be placed and you will get its points.

Collect points

To collect many points you need to build large cohesive areas and gather many golden balls on them. To get gold balls you have to choose the tiles that carry them. Ideally you are the first to choose a tile, so the others cannot take all gold balls and leave you empty handed. You can check anytime how many gold balls are still to come. Just press the small info button in the upper right corner.

An area is worth its size multiplied with attached gold balls. So either enlarging an area or adding more gold balls will improve your score. The type of area is irrelevant.
You can check what your garden areas are worth by tappingclicking on the umbrella in the middle. A display will be shown for all scoring areas.

Playing fields

The size of your playing fields varies depending on the amount of players.
With two players each field is 7x7 and both of you can choose 2 tiles before 4 new tiles are drawn.
With 3 players each field is 6x6 and you can choose from 3 tiles.
The smallest field is 5x5. It is used for 4 players. You can choose from 4 tiles.

End of game

The game ends when your garden could be completely filled. But if you have destroyed any tiles, your garden will keep empty spots.
Whoever collected the most points wins the game.


The starting player changes for every revenge, so everybody can start the game sometimes.

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