Rummy Club

Rummy Club is quite similar to the card game Rummy, but there are some major differences. The main objective ist the same though: Get rid of your tiles first by placing them on the playing field in groups.

Let's Start

As soon as it's your turn, the sack with tiles opens. TapClick it, to get your tiles and start your first turn.

At first every player gets 13 tiles. As long as nobody has 30 points, more tiles will be dealt to all players equally. You enter the game after the dealing is complete, so you may start with more than 13 tiles.

Game Objective

Place all of your hand tiles on the playing field first.
Each round you can add your tiles to fitting groups on the field or create new groups with them. You can combine existing groups or split them up completely to get rid of all your tiles and be faster than your opponents.


The game has two phases: First Move and Play Tiles

First Move

Your very first move has to fulfill some conditions:

  • All your played tiles have to be worth 30 or more (the numbers on the tiles count, every Joker counts as the number it replaces).
  • You have to form groups of 3 or more tiles.
  • You can only use your hand tiles.

Above your hand tiles is shown how much more points you need to get 30 points.
You do not have to make your first move in your very first turn - sometimes this will not be possible at all. If you cannot play tiles for 30 points, you have to draw 3 new cards . You always get 3 tiles at once. That raises the chance to get fitting tiles and speeds up the game a bit. If you draw tiles, your turn is over.

Every player has to make their own first move. If your opponent already played tiles, you still have to get 30 points with only your hand tiles. You cannot use their tiles for help.

Once you confirmed your first move with the upper right button , the second phase starts for you. You can immediately play tiles and rearrange groups on the playing field. You end a turn with the checkmark button .

Play Tiles

In this phase you try to get rid of all your tiles. To do so you can use all groups that were already placed on the field, no matter if you or your opponent played them.
In Rummy Club you can do (almost) everything. You can split up groups, reallocate their tiles completely, form new groups... The only rule is, that in the end all groups on the field are valid and that you do not have other tiles on your hand than in the beginning of your turn.

At the start of each turn you can choose: either draw 3 new tiles , or play tiles of your hand by putting them on the field.

What are valid groups?

A valid group...

  • ... has 3 or more tiles
  • ... has only tiles of the same color in ascending, continous order
  • ... or has only different colored tiles that have the same value

End of Game

The game ends, as soon as one player placed all their tiles on the field in valid groups.
Every player now gets the sum of all opponent's tiles on hand as points. A Joker counts 50, all other tiles match their numbers.


You play in turns. That means the starting player changes every game until everybody started the game once.

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