Plan Ahead

Use your land optimal and plan ahead! Build connections between the opposing sides and avoid dead ends. A good strategy and a bit of luck are the key to the highest score!

Let's start

Every player has a land with 19 fields. During the game everyone gets tiles to place on their land. All players get the same tiles in the same order. The next tile is always displayed in the upper right corner.

Game objective

Build pathes that connect opposing sides of your land. It does not matter if the connection leads left to right or bottom to top - but take care that it is not broken! As soon as all the land is covered by tiles, the player with the highest score wins.


You play simultaneous. All players can place a tile at the same time.

Drag the tile to an empty field, or tapclick on the destination and the tile will move there. You can move the tile around anytime until you like its position. To confirm it, press the OK button in the lower right corner. Once confirmed you cannot move the tile anymore.

Hint: You want to see what your opponents built so far? TapClick on their score in the lower left corner and you can see their fields.

Their score display also shows you, who placed the current tile already. All players, who are done with the tile are dimmed. They become fully visible again when they can place another tile.


A complete connection between opposing sides of your land provide points. The amount is the product of the number of tiles multiplied with the value of the path type.
Example: The street is 3 tiles long and worth 9 points. 3 * 9 = 27. The connection adds 27 points to your score.
The upper canal, the clouds, the trees and the lower stone border can still be completed. The rose grove, the rails and the lower canal are already broken and cannot provide any more points.

A path that is broken does not show a number. So you can easily see where it is useless to place another tile.
Completed connections are marked with green numbers at their endings. These points are already added to your score.
When you place a tile that completes a connection, you can see on your score board how many points will be added. If you move the tile somewhere else, the points will be removed again.


There are three types of pathes for every direction.

Lower left to upper right:

  • Clouds worth 2 points
  • Rails worth 6 points
  • Canal worth 7 points

Upper left to lower right:

  • Trees worth 3 points
  • Rose grove worth 4 points
  • Stone borders worth 8 points

Top to bottom:

  • Country roads worth 1 point
  • Meadow pathes worth 5 points
  • Streets worth 9 points

Every combination of pathes exists exactly once in the game. So there are 27 different tiles and 19 empty fields to fill. Which combinations appear is completely random. But all players get the same tiles in the same order.

End of game

The game ends as soon as all players filled all 19 fields of their lands. Whoever achieved the highest score, wins the game.


Since all players can place tiles at the same time, the revenge can be started by every player.

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