Qwixx Blitz

Qwixx Blitz is a tactical dice game. Try to enter more tiles than your opponents to get the highest score. Who has the best strategy and will keep the overview? An easy and entertaining fun for the whole family.

Let's Start

Choose a mode.

Zen: You have as much time as you want. Plan your moves carefully.

Rush: Be quick! You only have a few seconds for each throw. If you are too slow, you will risk a miss.

Game Objective

Try to enter as many tiles as possible before you have 4 misses or 2 columns are closed.


Rounds and Phases

The game has 5 rounds. Each player finishes each round on their own. A round consists of several phases. Every phase has as many dice throws as there are players. For every opponent the same two white dice are rolled. For your personal throw there are additionally four colorful dice. There is no predefined amount of phases, you can play until a condition of the end is met.

5 rounds > several phases > 1 throw per player


Throws with white dice can be skipped with the button in the lower right corner. But be careful with the colored dice, skipping those will get you a miss and you will lose 5 points! Your round will end with 4 misses!

Example: With 3 players a phase consists of these throws:

Enter a Throw

Above the columns you can see the dice you have to enter. Sum up the dice and enter the throw on the fitting numbered tile. Possible tiles will be highlighted with a little animation.
You can only enter tiles from bottom to top. Empty tiles below an entered tile are lost. So try to start as low as possible and avoid gaps between tiles.
For throws containing the colored dice, you can enter a combination of one white and a colored die, but only in the equally colored column. When first entering the white dice, you see the preview for the colored throw marked on the columns. Now consider whether it's good to enter the white throw, so you can use the colored throw in the best way.

Hint: If you have no preview for the colored throw, it might be the same as the white throw. Maybe it's better to skip the white throw, so you are still able to enter the colored throw.


Your round is over when you have 4 misses. You only get a miss when you skip a colored throw. Skipping white throws has no consequences.

Close Columns

To close a column you have to enter the top tile. But this will only be unlocked, when you already entered 5 tiles in the column. If you close two columns your round is over.

Hint: With two closed columns you can avoid the 20 points penalty for the 4 misses.


The more tiles you enter in a column, the more points you get for each tile.

Hint: It is better to enter 4 tiles in one column, than to enter one in every column.
For a tile in every column, you will get one point for every tile, that is 4 points. Four tiles in the same column are worth: 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 = 10 points.

In every round the points for a tile is raised by one, so it stays exciting untill the very end!

Overview of a Column

2) 2 of 5 entered
7) Up next
8) Can be entered
9) Already entered
11) Bonus tile
12) Broken tile


After each round the tiles are counted and players with the most tiles in a column will gain a bonus, shown with a star . This counts as entered tile in the next round. The other players get a broken tile, which is not worth any points and cannot be used in the next round.

Hint: Try to regain broken tiles by marking more tiles of that color in the next round.

End of Game

After the fifth round the scores are compared. The player with the highest score wins the game!


The player, who starts the revenge first, can start the next game.

Qwixx Blitz as a puzzle

In this section the differences between puzzle and normal game are explained. If you do not know how to play the game, please check the explanaition above first.

Puzzles are played without opponents and that's all the difference. Enter the throws into the columns and avoid gaps to get the highest score possible.

Puzzles have a timer! In the upper middle of the screen is displayed how much time is left. If you run out of time, your current score is counted.

With every retry on a day you get the same puzzle, like everyone else as well. So when you try again, you already know the tricky part and you can try to avoid it.

After solving the puzzle a copy button will appear in the lower right screen. Tap it to copy your tries to the clipboard. You can then paste it in the puzzle chat to share with others.

Enjoy the puzzle!

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