Brain Gain

In Brain Gain you gain with the power of your brain! The more you know, the higher your profit. Bet your money on the options for each question. You know the correct answer? Then be all risky and put everything on it! If you are not sure, spread your money equally. The more money you can save during the game, the higher are your chances on winning!

Let's Start

Choose a color. Your opponent will choose another one.

Game Objective

Save the money!
You only keep the money, you placed on the correct answer in every round. If you lose all your money, the game ends for you. When all 8 questions are answered, the player with the highest sum of money left wins the game.


Choose the category for the first question. Then all players have to answer the same question of the selected category. For the following questions the player, who can select the catgory, alternates.
Place your money on the 4 given answers by moving the small sliders back and forth. If you are sure of an answer - go all in and place all your money on it. Because only then you will keep all your money! You lose every coin placed on a wrong answer. But if you are unsure about a solution, just spread your money evenly and you will at least get 25% of it to keep on playing.
Keep an eye on the time! As soon as the timer runs out, the sliders will stay in their spot and all money on wrong answers is wasted.
During the reveal all wrong answers are fading out. Only the correct answer and your bid on it will remain.
A match consists of 8 questions. It ends earlier if only one player with money is left.

End of Game

As soon as all players answered the last question the game ends. The winner is the player with the highest score. Your score is the sum of:
Amount of played rounds * 2
Rounded up the number of grands yu could save * 1

Example: You play 5 questions and manage to keep 3,200 money. So you will get 5 * 2 = 10, added to 4 * 1 = 4, equals 14 points.


You start in turns. The starting player alternates.

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