Merry Christmas manual

Merry Christmas

Help the cute bear Bärnd to collect Christmas gifts for his friends!

Great prices

Every day we draw 2 winners of all participants! Everybody, who reached the silver star can win a 1 month voucher for elo+. And everybody who reached the gold star can win a 3 month voucher for elo+. Use it for yourself or as a Christmas gift for your loved ones!

Invite your loved ones to elo

You can win the board game Kingdomino daily. Just post a screenshot or video of your current score on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook or your WhatsAapp-Status and send us an email at to let us know.
Winners outside of Germany get a prize money via PayPal instead of the game.

Every Sunday we will draw the winners and post the results on our YouTube channel ( You can send in your screenshots or videos until the previous Saturday evening.

Game objective

Collect as many gifts as you can before Bärnd runs out of energy and falls asleep.


You play on your own. Help Bärnd to collect the gifts by steering him across a new map every day. Select a field next to him to let him walk there. Try to find the perfect path to use little energy and get all the gifts.

Watch the task in the upper playing field. Every day Bärnd needs different gifts. Sometimes he even needs to collect them in a certain order!
The following two examples mean:
1) All big green gifts count. Red and blue gifts won't give you any points.
2) Only red gifts count. You get different points depending on their size. You will have to walk around things like trees or water. The ice is thin sometimes - Bärnd can only walk once over ice floes before they sink. If Bärnd steps on ice he will slide until he reaches snow again. Take all of this into account and find the perfect way to reach the highest score!

End of game

As soon as Bärnd is out of energy the game ends.

About puzzles

Puzzles have a timer! In the upper middle of the screen is displayed how much time is left. If you run out of time, your current score is counted.

With every retry on a day you get the same puzzle, like everyone else as well. So when you try again, you already know where the gifts are and you can walk straight towards them.

Enjoy the puzzle!

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