Christmas Bingo manual

Christmas Bingo

In this cozy Bingo version, random Christmas cookies are drawn, which players mark on their bingo baking plates.

Game objective

Try to find and mark the drawn cookies on your bingo baking plates. The first player to find four cookies in a row wins the game.

Let's start

At first, choose a color. This has no impact on the chance to win or lose the game.

The chosen color disappears if it was chosen by another player in the meantime. In this case you have to choose another color.


You play in turns. Each turn consists of 5 drawn cookies. The first turn starts directly after you chose a color.

Try to mark the cookies on one of your bingo baking plates. You have 5 seconds for each. Every player has unique bingo baking plates with random cookies.

Keep in mind that a drawn cookie does not have to be on your baking plates - but it CAN be on both plates. In the latter case it can be important to mark it on the better side.

You can skip a cookie if you're sure it is not on your baking plates. Arrows ( ) are displayed after three seconds on the top right of the lane - just tapclick them.

After five drawn cookies you have to wait for your opponents. As soon as they finished their turns, your next 5 cookies will appear. 32 cookies are drawn at maximum. Usually, the game ends earlier because a player finds a bingo.

The drawing of the cookies does not start automatically if you leave the game card and come back. You have to tapclick anywhere to continue. This assures that you are ready to go on. If you can see the bell, it's your turn again! Keep in mind: that a drawn cookie is skipped if you continue the game after you left the game card. This is the same as a timeout when trying to find an item.

Above your own bingo baking plates you see the plates of your opponents. Cookies they marked are displayed, so you get an impression of their game status. Keep in mind that each player has different bingo baking plates with random cookies.


  • 2 points for a found cookie
  • 1 point for a correctly skipped cookie
  • 10 points for a bingo

End of game

The player who found one or more bingos with the fewest drawn cookies, wins the game. A bingo consists of 4 cookies in a row on a bingo baking plate. It can be horizontal, vertical or diagonal. In case several players needed the same number of turns to find a bingo, the player wins, who built more bingos at once. Is the amount of bingos also equal, the points are taken into account. The player with the higher score wins. If they have the same score, there are several winners.


At the end of the game each player can start a revenge. The chosen colors remain. The game starts directly with drawing the first items.

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