Little Wings manual

Little Wings

Two players, two objectives but only one board! Gather and separate insects so they form big groups! Can you make bigger groups than your oppponent to win this duell?

Game Objective

Try to form big swarms of insects and block your opponent! The bigger the swarms, the more points you will get!

Insect types and colors

The playing field is made individual for every player. From your perspective you will always collect insects of a kind and your opponent will always collect the sdame color. But it is the same from their perspective. The field looks different for both players even though it shows the same status. Since everybody is always collecting insects of the same kind, you do not have to rethink or check your objective when changing matches or starting a revenge. When you want to explain the game to somebody, just tell them what you have to do from your perspective, it's the same for them.


You play in turns.
You try to gather insects of the same kind in swarms. They belong to a swarm if they touch horizontally or vertically, diagonally does not count. The same insect can belong to your swarm but also to your opponent's colored swarm. Your swarms are highlighted with clouds beneath them.
The starting player chooses an insect from the leaf and places it anywhere on the cloud field. Afterwards each move consists of two phases.

1 Moving Phase

This phase is optional. But you should use it and rebuild the swarms on the field in your favor.

TapClick on an insect on the field. Small clouds appear that indicate where this insect can move to. You can only move it in straight lines. Other insects will block it. You can stop anywhere on the clouds, you do not have to fly all the way to the playing field's edge.
You may also use drag and drop to move it. As soon as you grab it, the highlight clouds will also appear.

Hint: You have to play this phase BEFORE you place a new insect on the field. Otherwise this phase will be skipped for your current turn.

2 Placing Phase

Left, on a leaf are new insects waiting to fly on the field. Choose one of them and place it on any empty spot on the field. You can do this by tappingclicking or with drag and drop.
When you placed one insect, a new one will appear on the leaf. So every player can always choose 1 of 6.

Your turn ends after placing an insect on the field.


The playing field has 36 spots. There are 6 insects, each in 6 colors, so 36 in total.
The biggest swarm you can build consists of 6 insects. The bigger your swarms, the more points you will get!

  • 2 insects: 1 point
  • 3 insects: 3 points
  • 4 insects: 6 points
  • 5 insects: 10 points
  • 6 insects: 15 points

Your score is constantly updated. You can see it below your avatar, above the playing field. Your opponent's score is also shown there.

End of Game

The game ends when the field is filled completely. The player who has more points, wins the game!


The starting player alternates between both players.

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