In WordBlock you have to form long words to conquer as meny letters as possible and rule over the board.

Let's Start

Choose a color: BLUE, ORANGE, PURPLE or YELLOW. Your letters will be marked with it on the board.
Your opponents will choose another one.

Game Objective

Your goal is to color as many letters as possible while using up the whole playing field. Try to get the whole playing field!


You play in turns.
TapClick on a letter, or drag it to the top in the solution field. You can also rearrange letters there. When you are satisfied with your word, tapclick on "CHECK". Is your word not valid your letters will be marked in red, but you can try again with another word. Is your word valid it is marked green then all the letters will jump and turn into your color on the playing field.


Valid words:

  • have to be part of the language you are playing in
  • must consist of at least 2 letters
  • must not be used before
  • cannot be part of a word that was already played

You can play variations of already played words. It is valid to play ANIMAL and then counter with ANIMALS. But if ANIMALS is the first played word, ANIMAL is no longer possible.


The player with the highest score wins.
Every letter on the field is worth one point. When you change a letter into your color you gain a point. Losing letters means losing points as well.

But you can secure letters by surrounding them from all four sides with your color. The playing field frame counts as your color in this case. Such letters will be displayed with a stroke. Your opponent can use them, but will not get points, because the color of those letters is not changed. But if you lose the surrounding letters, your letter is no longer secured.

End of Game

As soon as all letters on the playing field are used, or all players pass the same turn, or more than 100 words were submittet, the game ends.
The player with the highest score wins!


The player, who lost the game, can make the first move of the next game.

Play WordBlock on elo.