Sketch it! manual

Sketch it!

Sketch it! is a game for 2 players. You draw pictures alternating to convey the guessword for your partner to guess.

Game objective

Beat your personal highscore by drawing and guessing as many pictures as possible.

Gameplay - Draw

You play in alternating turns.
Start by choosing the word your want to draw. You get more points for more difficult words.

Now draw the word, so your partner can guess it.
There are several tools available: many colors and different pens. Release your creativity!

You can delete a single stroke by tappingclicking the undo button, or dump the whole drawing with the x button.

When done drawing, send it to your partner by tappingclicking the ok button. They will see the process of drawing and must guess the word you drew. If guessed correctly, it is their turn to draw.

Gameplay - Guess

When your partner finished drawing, you must guess the item of their picture.
You see the process of your partner drawing. To skip the animation tapclick the >>| button.

Guess the word by tappingclicking the letters in the lower screen. When the word shown on top of the screen is filled completely, it is checked.
If it was incorrect, the letters are shown in red. You can delete letters by tappingclicking on them and guess again.

If the word is correct a green tick is shown next to it and the respective points are added to your shared score.

Now it is your turn to draw again.
If you cannot guess the item, you can skip it by pressing the x button in the lower right screen. The button is available when the drawing process of your partner is shown completely. You can force it to appear by skipping the drawing animation.
But keep in mind, that this will lower your streak!


You get points for every correctly guessed word, depending on the difficulty. Additionally you can earn bonus points for very long streaks! Skipping a picture will lower your streak, so try to guess correct and draw precise to get the highest score!

End of game

The game ends when one player quits.
If this does not happen, you can play as long as you like.

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