weekeewachee manual



The famous Rock-Paper-Scissors-Well as a board game.


This is the starting grid:

Each player is equipped with the 4 tokens stone, scissors, paper, and well on his baseline.

Both players move one of their tokens in turns one square in any direction (including diagonally or backwards – just like the king at Chess):

In this situation the yellow well can be moved onto one of the fields displayed in light green: Either onto one of the free fields or onto the opponent´s scissors (which will then be taken). It can not be moved onto the opponent´s well or paper, because it can not take those tokens.

Taking a token

Is defined by the known rules:

  • Rock takes scissors (rock crushes scissors)
  • Scissors takes paper (scissors cuts paper)
  • Paper takes rock and well (paper wrapps rock, paper covers well)
  • Well takes rock and scissors (rock and scissors fall into well)

End of Game

The player who reaches his opponent´s baseline with any of his tokens first or alternatively takes all his opponent´s tokens wins the game.


The player, who lost the game, can make the first move of the next game.

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