Num3ers is a game for 2 to 4 persons. Every player has to solve four out of five arithmetical problems as quickly as possible.

Get started

The first player chooses the difficulty:

The game

A field of numbers shows numbers between 1 and 9. You have to find 3 numbers lying beside each other in a row, so that they result into the given exercise just by using fundamental rights like “times”, “plus” and “minus”. The 3 numbers can be placed in a vertical, horizontal or diagonal way.


Use only Addition or Subtraction. The first number will always be added.

The first two numbers will be added or substracted, the third one again has to be added or subtracted.


The first two numbers have to be multiplied, the third one has to be added or subtracted.


  • The third number can be the one in the middle.
  • You may omit one exercise.
  • Coloured hints within the exercises shows, whether the other players have been faster or slower than you.

End of the game

The player solving four out of five exercises the fastest has won the game.


Everyone may challenge the other players. If you have lost one game you might win the next one. A little bit of luck is part of the game!

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