Mon Mon

Mon Mon is the mystic, colorful and friendly version of the classic card game Mau-Mau. It's your task to bring all your little mons in the safe mushroom house. But be careful the mons have certain preferences with whom they want to enter it.

Let's Start

Choose one of four colors. It only marks your spot on the field and has nothing to do with the color of your mons.

Game Objective

Place all your mons within the mushroom house before your opponents occupy all the space.


You play in turns. In every move you can do one action. Depending on the situation your actions can be: put a mon in the waiting queue, summon a new mon to you, or pass your turn.

The Queue

Your most common task will be to place a mon in the queue, so it can enter the mushroom house in the next turn. Since mons are picky with their friends, you can only place mons after another, that have something in common. This can be the color or the shape.
Example: A yellow stone mon would stand behind a yellow feather mon or behind a green stone mon. But it would not want to stand behind a green feather mon.

If you do not have a mon that wants to join the queue, you have to summon a new mon. TapClick on the mushroom in front of the house and a random mon will come to you.
You cannot choose this action, when you have a mon that would fit in the queue.

There are special mons that cause an action when you place them in the queue.

Spezial Mons

Cloud Mon
If your predecessor jammes the house entry with a Cloud Mon, you have to pass your turn. Since the mon needs more time to squeeze itself inside the place for new mons is occupied.
You cannot pass your turn voluntary.

Shroom Mon
Shroom Mons are poisonous and smelly. Nobody wants to stand behind them or share the house with them. Every Shroom Mon that enters the house, routs two random mons out. Those two escape to the next following player.
If you have a Shroom Mon, too, you can place it behind the other one because they don't mind the smell. In this special case you can choose between placing the Shroom Mon in the queue or accepting the two fleeing mons. When you place your Shroom Mon in the queue, the next player has to take 4 fleeing mons...

Blob Mon
Those mons have a strange body, it can shift its shape and color. So you can place them behind every other mon (except the Cloud or Shroom Mons). But your Blob Mons consist on a certain color of mons behind them. You can choose this color on the mushroom house after placing a Blob Mon.


When the game ends, you get 10 points for every mon your opponents still own. Your own mons do not count.

End of Game

The game ends as soon as one player could put all mons inside the mushroom house.


The starting player shifts with every revenge, so it stays fair.

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