Quiz Party

How much do you know? Answer 3 questions in every of the 6 rounds and collect correct answers. The one with the highest score wins.

Let's Start

Choose a color and the game starts. If your opponent already took a color, you have to choose a different one.

Game Objective

Answer all questions correctly. The amount of right answers is your score and decides, who will win.


Choose one category out of three. All players have to answer the same 3 questions then. Then the player, choosing the category, alternates.

Tap on the correct answer. There always is only one correct answer.

Take care of the time! When the time runs out, the current question is counted as wrong.

A game always has 6 rounds.

End of Game

When all players answered the last question, the amount of correct answers is counted. The one with the highest number wins the game.


You start a revenge alternating. So everybody can choose the first category sometimes.

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