Café Fatal

Matilde never does anything by halves. In her Jackpot Café, the tables strain under the weight of the finest cheese, pizzas and cakes. And the main attraction: at her “Gamble Light Dinner” event the best dice-roller eats on the house. No wonder the tables are so sought after!

Let's start

Choose a color.

The game

Choose one of the dice that you rolled. Put all dice with that number on a single table. Try beat your opponents; take part in the struggle for neighboring tables and snatch as many of their morsels as possible. Five pieces of a kind form a “round thing” The more you collect, the closer you are to your free feast.



The player, who started the game begins.
At the beginning there are tasty morsels on every table. TapClick on the roll button to roll your 6 dice. Then tapclick on one dice; all dice with the same result will be highlighted. Now select a table to place the selected dice.
On your first throw (with all six dice), place them on a table of your choice. On all following throws (with your remaining dice), you may only place dice on or adjacent to tables, already occupied by you. Tables you cannot choose will be shown disabled, when you select dice.
Purpose of this action: If you have the majority on a table at the end of the round, you get all the morsels on it. Ties are broken in favor of the higher dice number.

Always remember the three house rules of The Jackpot Café:

  • Your dice on a single table may not differ.
  • Your dice on a table may differ from those of the other players.
  • If you have already placed dice showing a certain number, you may not place dice showing that number on another table.
  • Any number of dice belonging to any number of players may be placed on a table.

Players take turns throwing their dice. If you have no dice left, skip your turn.

The throwing phase ends when all players’ dice have been placed on tables.

Distribute the Morsels

Once all the dice have been placed on tables, the morsels are distributed.

  • For each table, whoever has the most dice on that table, gets all its morsels.
  • If there is a tie (the same number of dice), all the morsels go to the player whose dice show the higher number.
  • If both the number of dice and their numbers are tied, the morsels stay on the table for the next round.

Something round …
The morsels you collect are placed on your table in the lower right.
Every complete wheel of cheese, complete pizza and whole cake will get you doubled Gourmet Points for its pieces!

After distributing the morsels, each player gets their six dice back. Leave any leftover morsels on their tables.


Each player earns Gourmet Points for the morsels they have collected. Complete cheese wheels, pizzas and cakes are worth double.

Each individual piece of cheese is worth 1 Gourmet Point.
= 1
A complete wheel of cheese is worth 10 Gourmet Points.
= 10

Each individual slice of pizza is worth 2 Gourmet Points.
= 2
A complete pizza is worth 20 Gourmet Points.
= 20

Each individual slice of cake is worth 5 Gourmet Points.
= 5
A complete cake is worth 50 Gourmet Points.
= 50

The game ends as soon as (at least) one player has 40 points or more. The player with the most points is the well-fed winner of the game. Ties are broken in favor of the player with more morsels. If this does not break the tie, the victory is shared.


At a revenge you start in turns. The former 2nd player is now the first to roll.

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