Guess What?! manual

Guess What?!

This game requires voice chat! You play in two teams. Every player has to explain once during the game. Describe as many words as fast as possible while the remaining team guesses. Every word is worth one point, but careful - the other team listens and will object to any forbidden word used and then this point is lost.

Let's start

You need two teams. Each player has to drag their name towards a team side and confirm the choice. If both teams are equally filled, you can start the game.

Game objective

Explain and guess as many words as possible! Each team has the same amount of time. If the number of players is uneven, the players of the smaller team get a bit more time each round.
A player has to explain as many words as possible. All members of the same team have to guess. Each correctly guessed word grats a point. Every player has to explain once, then the game ends. The team with the highest score wins.


There are three roles in the game. You get your role automatically. You will see a description of it before the game starts.

You have to explain the first word on the cards. You may not use any of the other words on the card, the root word or other parts of your word are also forbidden.
When your team guesses correctly, you can swipe the card to the right side. Each card on the right is worth a point.
If the word is too hard for you, or you used a forbidden word, swipe the card to the left. It will not bring any ponts, but you get the next word and you can try again.
Only you can move the cards, so be honest, or the other players may not play again with you.
When you see a red marked word on your card, it means that you used this word, though you were not allowed to. One of the inspectors has marked it. Move this card to the left quickly and continue with the next word.

You have to guess the word that your teammate explains. When a word was confirmed or rejected you can see it, but of course not earlier. Just be quick and guess wildly - yell any word that you think might be the described one! Ass soon as you guessed right, the card will be moved to the right, where you can see the word, then the description of the next word starts. If you play with more than 4 players, there will be 2 people guessing at once.

While the opponent team explains and guesses, your task is to check if they make any mistakes. You can see the card and all words. When the prson expolaining is using any word on the card you have to tap on it to mark it red. The person explaining will see the red marker as well. You may also tell the others why you marked a word in case they do not react to the marker in the heat of the moment.

End of game

When every player had explained once the game ends. The team with the highest score wins!
The game points are counted seperately for each player, so it is not a problem to switch teams after each round.

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