Pool Party manual

Pool Party

Pool Party is a sliding puzzle where you have to move the flamingo to the opposite pool side. Push all air mattresses out of the way and use as few moves as possible.

Game objective

You have to move the flamingo to the opposite pool side to the parasol. Therefore all other matresses must be moved away.


Pool Party is played alone. You can move the air matresses only lengthways. Of course, there has to be empty space where you want to move them to. You can undo one move by moving the air matress back. But you cannot undo several moves, only the last one.
Move the air matresses and free the path for the flamingo to reach the parasol.

End of game

The game ends, as soon as you move the flamingo to the parasol.

About puzzles

Puzzles have a timer! In the upper middle of the screen is displayed how much time is left. If you run out of time, the puzzle counts as not solved.

With every retry on a day you get the same puzzle, like everyone else as well. So when you try again, you already know the tricky part and you can try to avoid it.

Enjoy the puzzle!

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