elements is a simple board game which is played on a six by seven grid.

Let's start

Choose your team of spirits. Your opponent will get the other team.

The basic line-up

Each of you gets 14 spirits at the beginning of the game, that take up two rows of the field.


Spirit of live

You have to choose the spirit of life and assign one of the three elements to it.
There are fire, water and earth.

Master of elements

Afterwards you select a master of elements, which controls all the elements at the beginning. When one of them has been triggered, he keeps this element for the rest of the game.

Other spirits

The remaining spirits are assigned equally to one of the three elements.
If you are not satisfied with the arrangement, you can use the shuffle button to rearrange the elements. At the beginning you can not see the elements of the opposing spirits. These are revealed when two spirits fight.


You play in turns.
Tap on a spirit you want to move.
You can only move horizontally and vertically.
Diagonal moves are only possible if you attack an opposing spirit. If you attack an opposing spirit the following cases may occur:

  1. The opposing spirit wins: Your spirit is taken from the field, the opponent remains in its position.
  2. Your spirit wins: The spirit of the opponent is taken from the field and your spirit takes the position of the opponent's.
  3. The winner can not be determined: Both spirits have the same element and so keep their position.

The following rules apply:

End of game

Find the opponent's spirit of life and defeat it.
Make sure to keep your own spirit of life in the game.

Play elements on elo.