Three Jewels

Three Jewels is a Match-3 game with continusly changing tasks.
So every game becomes a brand new challenge!

Let's start

At first your current task is shown.
The first row describes your objective, for example to collect a certain amount of jewels. The second row shows the condition, for example a limited amount of moves.
TapClick to start your game!

Game objective

Swap jewels to make a line of three or more matching gems. They will be collected and raise your score.

At the end of every game the score is compared to announce the winner!


Every player starts the game with equal conditions and jewels. As soon as all have finished their level, the result is compared.

Levels with time

In timed levels speed is everything! Try matching as many jewels as fast as possible. But take care - you may need a certain color of jewels!

Levels with limited moves

In those levels you have to think! Try finding the best match. Also think of future chain reactions and plan every move carefully!


You need to match at least three jewels to collect them. The playing field will be filled with new jewels from above after every match.

Special jewels

When making big chains with more than three jewels, you create special jewels! Those will destroy a lot of jewels when combined, so they may decide, who will win!

4 in a line
By combining 4 jewels of the same color in a row, you will create a special jewel that will destroy a whole column.
A column of 4 jewels will create a special jewel, that can destroy a complete row! 5 in a cross
By matching 5 jewels in cross-shape, you get a special jewel that will collect a line and a row at once!
5 in a line
You create a bomb when matching a line of 5 equal jewels! The bomb does not have to be combined - you can activate it by dragging it to an adjacent field. It will destroy everything in 2 fields around it!

End of game

Depending on the level, the game ends when the time is up or all moves are used.
As soon as all players finished their level, the score is compared to find the winner!


All players can make their first move simultaneously. So the player, who starts the revenge, can make the first move.

Play Three Jewels on elo.