Ludo is one of the most known games all over the world. Your task is simple - run around the field with your stones and secure them in your home. Do you have the luck it takes, or will your opponents block you? Secure all four stones first to win the game!

Let's start

Choose a color by selecting a stone.

Game objective

The first player with four stones in their base wins the game.


You play in turns.
In your turn roll the dice and then move one of your stones as many steps as there are points on your dice.

Here are some additional rules:

  • You need a 6 to leave your base with a stone.
  • You can try to roll a 6 up to three times, when all four stones are in your base.
  • If you can move a stone from your base, you have to do it.
  • If you can move away your stone from the starting field, you have to do it; except your last stone.
  • You cannot place a stone on a field with one of your other stones.
  • Placing your stone on a field with an opponent's stone, will move their stone back to their base.
  • You do not have to kick out other stones.
  • You can jump over your stones within your home.

End of game

The player, who has all four stones within their home first, wins the game. The score will count how close everybody was to their home and how many stones are left within the base.


To make the start of a revenge as smooth as possible, the player, who ended the last match, may start the next one.

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