twenty one

Just for the fun of it!

Let's Start

Choose a game mode.
With normal the larger numbers are available at the first few rounds. In mode invert the numbers get larger at the game end.

Game Objective

Fill your rows with the dice and try to get as many hits as possible. Once a player has completely filled all five rows, the game is over. Every dice counts!


Each player has different rows. The rows must be completed one after the other from top to bottom. That means, each player has to first fill in the first row completely, then fill in the second row completely, etc. It is entirely possible that each player will complete the rows at a different pace and therefore be on a different row at the same time.

Roll the Dice

The player, who started the game is the first active player. If that is you, you start by rolling all six dice. If you’re satisfied with your roll, you don’t have to roll the dice again. If not, you get one opportunity to roll the dice a second time. Tap on the reroll button . When making a second attempt, all the dice are rolled again, except for any dice that show a 1.


In the upper part of the playing field is a small preview of your opponents. You can see after each roll, which dice they can use - those tiles are blinking. If an opponent cannot fill in anything, the tile, that will be crossed out is blinking red. Use this information to decide if you want to go for a second roll.
Note: You can see the rows of your opponents any time, just tapclick on their score.

You can already play your turn whilst your opponents are still entering the last roll. Therefore there are different states of the preview.

  • If a player is at the same throw, there is a little tick above their preview - the possible hits and matches are shown with blinking tiles.
  • If they are not up to date, there is no tick and you do not get a preview. If you want to be sure, you can wait until they made their turn.
  • Sometimes the entries can be predicted by the game, for example when a player can enter additional dice next to a hit. Because the prediction must not be 100% correct, the tick is blinking . You can see blinking tiles for the current throw, but they might not be correct once the player caught up.
    A tapclick on the tick will show you what they already entered, without predictions.

Fill in Dice

Every player must fill in at least one number (or cross out a number). But it is possible to fill in more than one number, and theoretically even all six. A dice can be filled in if the number is lower or the same as the number depicted in the destination field above.
Note: It is never allowed to enter numbers into multiple rows in the same round.

Exact Hit!

If the number rolled is exactly the number in the colored field, it is an exact hit that is indicated with a colored circle. An exact hit is good because it provides bonus points. Every player has to decide for themselves which numbers to fill in.
Note: You should always write down exact hits because you will never get a better number for that field.

Crossing out

If you can’t or don’t want to record any numbers in your current row, you have to cross out the empty field furthest to the left. To do so, tapclick on the cross out button . Sometimes it is not possible to fill in any dice and you have to cross out a number. In such a case the dice are tinted red.

Now the next player is the active player and will roll the dice. All other players now fill in this throw.

Evaluating your Score

If a player has completed a full row, it is scored as follows:

  • The numbers that were entered into the fields of the row are added up (crossed out fields are worth 0).
  • There are also bonus points according to the table for the total number of exact hits in a row.
  • The bonus points are added to the numbers that were entered in the row.

To get the final result, all rows are added up.

End of Game

Once a player filled in all five rows, the game ends. The player with the highest total score wins the game.


At a revenge you start in turns. The former 2nd player is now the first to roll.

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