In this dice game you descide whether to risk another throw or not. If you keep rolling too long you will lose all your progress. If you stop rolling too soon, your opponents will be faster and you lose. Can you find the right balance?

Let's Start

Choose a puffin, this is your color.

Game Objective

Your main objective is to capture three columns. To secure a column you have to get one of your puffins to the very top and save your progress.


You play in turns.
In each of your turns you have to roll the egg dice at least once. Form 2 pairs of the 4 dice. The sum of each pair represents a column on the field. Use the slider below the egg dice to switch between pair combinations. The possible columns are marked when you switch.

You roll 1, 3, 5 and 6. The following combinations are possible:
A) 1 + 3 = 4 and 5 + 6 = 11
B) 1 + 5 = 6 and 3 + 6 = 9
C) 1 + 6 = 7 and 3 + 5 = 8

When you chose a combination, tapclick on the highlighted columns to place a puffin.

You can place 3 runners in every turn. As long as you have free runners, you have to place them when possible. You can only move those 3 runners in a turn, all other puffins on the field have to stay where they are. Keep rolling if you dare! If you roll a combination, you cannot use with your runners, you will lose all your progress of this turn.

To save your progress, tapclick on the button below the egg dice. Your runners will build nests on their fields. If they fall later in the game, they cannot fall deeper as their nests.

But there is something special about the playing field! The 7 is the most likely combination of two dice. To keep it fair and exciting, there is no column for 7 in the game.
If you choose to use C) in the example above, you can only place one runner on column 8. But this ist not necessarily a disadvantage.

Hint: Focus on single columns and try to keep a runner on hand as long as possible.

During the game more and more columns will be locked and the chance to get a useful combination gets lower and lower. You have to adjust your will to take risks constantly, depending on the risk-taking of your opponents.

The Playing Field

  1. The egg dice, tapclick them to roll
  2. Depending on the game situation, a slider to select combinations or a button to save your progress appears here
  3. Is your puffin awake? Then it's your turn
  4. This shows how many runners you have left to place in your turn. In this case two are already placed and one is still available
  5. Puffins that are not inside a nest on the canyon are your runners of this turn. Your second on is on column 4
  6. Puffins that were saved in a former turn sit in nests. To move them higher up, you have to reselect them as your runners in the current turn
  7. If a puffin reaches the egg on top and builds a nest, it secures this column. The grass is changed to the player color and all other birds in this column leave the canyon. This column cannot be used by anyone anymore
  8. The eggs on top show the number you have roll to use their column

End of Game

As soon as a player has secured 3 columns, the game ends. This player wins the game!


The starting player changes for every revenge, so everybody can start the game sometimes.

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