Crazy Garden

Crazy Garden is a strategic game for 2 to 4 players. Can you lead your little pet through the maze of hedges to its preferred food? Move hedges to create new paths and block others. Feed your pet the fastest to win the game.

Let's Start

Choose 1 of the 4 pets. If another player already chose one, you cannot pick it anymore.

Game Objective

Feed your pet until it is full. Find 5 snacks first to win the game.


You play in turns.
Your move consists of 3 actions: moving, rotating and walking. Change the hedge maze to your liking by moving rows and columns or rotating fields. Then let your pet walk to its preferred snack to finish your turn.


Once per turn you can move a row or a column one field. Drag the hedge you want to move in the direction you want. If you do not like the new position, just push it back and you can start over. A moved hedge is marked with glowing dots and arrows that show the direction you moved it.
You cannot move the hedges on the outer egdes, that include the starting points for all players. A hedge you cannot move will bounce back when you try to push it.
Moving is optional, you can also end your turn without moving any hedge.


Also once per turn you can rotate a field. TapClick on a field to rotate it. It will rotate 90° per tapclick and will be marked with glowing dots. Arrows show the rotation direction and how often a field was rotated. If you rotate it back to its original poisition, it is resetted and you can start over.
You cannot rotate fields if a pet is standing on it.
Rotating is optional, you can also end your turn without rotating a field.


As a last action, you let your pet walk. No matter how far it will walk, this will end your turn and cannot be undone. To let your pet walk, tapclick on it. It will pulse to indicate it is in walking mode. Additionally all glowing dots are hidden. The path it can reach is highlighted. TapClick on the destination to let your pet walk there. All its snacks on the reachable path will be collected before it walks to the final destination. If you do not want to end your turn yet, tapclick on your pet again, to deactivate the walking mode.
You cannot walk on: fields with pets and fields with food of opponents. But you can walk across both of them.
To end your turn, you have to walk at least one field.

End of Game

When a player collects the right food 5 times, the game ends and they win the game.


The starting player changes every time, so everybody can make the first move sometimes.

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