Birds on Wires manual

Birds on Wires

In Birds on Wires both players try to place 4 birds in a row with one identical attribute. The can be placed horizontally, vertically or diagonal on the wires.

Game Objective

The objective is to place the last one of 4 birds in a row, all sharing one attribute.


The playing field consists of two parts: the lower wires, filled with placeable birds and the upper wires, where you place those birds.
Be aware - you choose, which bird your opponent has to place, and vice versa.


Each bird has 4 spots, which can be dark. To be a valid row, all 4 birds must have one identical attribute at one of those spots. They all may either be dark or light. Those spots are:


Valid Examples:

Invalid Examples:

Game Over

The player completing a row of 4 birds, is the winner. Decide carefully, which bird your opponent can place!


The player, who lost the game, can make the first move of the next game.

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