Egg Splash

How long can you keep the egg safe?

Let's start

First choose a way to steer the egg.
You can move it by tilting your smartphone or tapping a button.

Let's start

You can steer the egg with your keyboard or your mouse.

Game Objective

The egg shall not touch the edges of the pond. If it does, it will break. Try to keep in centered as long as you can!


Hold the egg in the center of the screen to keep it safe. The current is unpredictable, try to react quickly! When the egg touches the edge of the pond it will break and your try is over. You play in alternating turn, the best try - with the longest duration - will win!

Handling the Egg


Tap on the screen. Now move your phone to steer the egg. The position you started in is the neutral position.


Tap some times on the edge of the circle button. Or keep your finger on the button and move it to the directions to change the direction of the egg.

Handling the Egg


Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to steer the egg. You can touch them often or keep them pressed.


You can also play with the mouse. Just click on the circle button edges.

End of Game

Both of you play 3 turns. The turn with the longest duration wins! So give everything, you can still win with your last try, no matter what!

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