Nine Men's Morris

9 Bugs is a fresh version of Nine Men's Morris and is played with the common rules.
Get three of your bugs in a row to call the spider, that eliminates one bug of your opponent.

Let's Start

Choose your bugs. They are all equally strong, it's just a matter of looks.

Game Objective

Get three bugs in a row or column, then you can remove an enemy bug of your choice. When your opponent has only two bugs left, or is unable to move - you win!


The game has three phases. The Place Phase, the Walk Phase and the Fly Phase.

Place Phase

You place your bugs on the net in turns. You have to choose en empty knot of the net. As soon as you have three bugs in a row (what is called a morris), you can remove one of your opponent's bugs. Bugs that are part of a morris are safe and cannot be selected.

Walk Phase

If all 9 bugs are positioned on the net, the second phase starts. You can only move one bug to an adjacent and free knot on the net. When you create a morris you can still remove an opponent bug.

Fly Phase

When you are left with only three bugs, the third phase starts. You can now fly to every free knot on the net with your bugs. Try to create a morris and block your opponent.
But be careful: In this phase - even bugs that are part of a morris can be caught by the spider!

End of Game

The game ends, when one player cannot move any bugs or when one player has less than three bugs. In both cases the other player wins.


The player who starts the game has a slight disadvantage, therefore the revenge is always started by the winner.

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