Armadillo Clash manual

Armadillo Clash

Armadillo Clash is a casual game for two players. Both try to push the opponent's armadillos off the field.

Let´s Start

Choose your color: GREEN or ORANGE.
Your opponent receives the other color.

Game Objective

Push all enemy armadillos off the field to win.

How to Shoot

TapClick and hold your fingerthe mouse on an armadillo.

Swipe towards the armadillo, you want to push off the field.

The faster you moveyour fingeryour mouse, the faster your armadillo moves.


  • Each round will be played in turns with your opponent.
  • You can push more than one armadillo off the field with one move.
  • With a tapclick on the field you can rotate it.
  • If a player has no armadillos left, the round ends.
  • After each round a the winner gets a gem.
  • Each game hast at most 4 rounds.

End of Game

The player, who won most gems, wins the game.
The game can also end with a tie between the players.

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